JavaScript is known yet unknown according to me.
JS is just like another C++, Java or Python .

Yes, JS needs tools to convert JS code into Machine Executable Code. Tools is nothing but some sort of compiler to do a lot of intermediate work.

The biggest myth revolves around…

Who does not know Git , VS-Code or Web Hosting!?

We all know the definition somewhere. But when it is the time to implement them /use them instantly, we hesitates and doubts resulting into looking at steps with one google search away.

It is a very void problem which got…

In 2020 , nothing is more frustrating than getting skilled, grabbing a good placement and balancing the hustle of mind.

Being keen of web developing , I know web development but yet that inner 100% confidence was always somewhere 50% even after going through a lots of channels and courses.


At every moment of life at certain intervals we have a mountain to climb , a river to cross to reach the next route.

Standing on that cliff leads into emotions of fear, anxiety and a detailed analysis of future in accordance to the jump we need to go…

sakshi jain

Coding empowers magic to my thought with a wing of programming!

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