Get Your CLI App | NeoGCamp

In 2020 , nothing is more frustrating than getting skilled, grabbing a good placement and balancing the hustle of mind.

Being keen of web developing , I know web development but yet that inner 100% confidence was always somewhere 50% even after going through a lots of channels and courses.

2020 surely came up with a blessing ; Launch of neoG-Camp. An official skill-booster for us for sure!

I wonder , why not write my journey with it! To scale up myself even more.

Starting with a NodeJS CLI App officially.

Initialising my task to create a CLI App:~

Go to and signup yourself for Nodejs platform.

  1. Start with the hello world gear of programming: console.log(‘sakshi jain’)
  2. Can you read the name of user? prompt(‘Enter your name’)

Better than this , we can start with : npm start readLine-sync

readLine-sync let your script to have a conversation with user via console.

And then with the use of functions , cases , objects and if-statements in JS , you can make your own knowMeQuiz App or any other fandom idea of your choice!

To kickstart your journey!

The CLI Quiz App goes on! And it makes you immense happy to have something made by you without any mug-up methodology.

Because that is the power of neog-Camp!

And in this way , you can make plethora of apps!

Bonus Tip: You can use chalk library to add style platter to your boring CLI app.

So when a new idea + style(chalk) is combined, it generated a CLI App of knowCoderInsideYou App for me.

The programming then goes on. Thankyou Neog-Camp and TanayPratap Sir.

And in this way , we got to learn our kickstart CLI App.

Coding empowers magic to my thought with a wing of programming!